90s fashion trends that made a comeback (PART III)


Today is my last post about the 90s fashion trends that made a comeback and to end up this series i decided to talk about something that i’m discovering lately since i didn’t wear it when i was a kid.

A little riddle : it’s not a skirt nor a short it’s something between ………..

                               THE CULOTTES are back! 
Capture d’écran 2015-08-15 à 12.25.16          Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a floral culottes in Satc 

I’m still wondering why they decided to call them like that, i mean i see nothing in common with culottes so if you do let me know in comments below. Now despite the weirdo name i think they are perfect for fall season, plus they are so comfy (my legs can finally breath).

As you can see my outfit is not 100% comfy, otherwise it will be too good to be true and since i’m a little small i like to wear them with high heels.This one is my last crush, i’m not the kind who believe in love at first sight with men but i definitely do with shoes(probably the reason why i’m a single shoes-addict :p)


DSC_0331DSC_0333                                    Culottes: Zara/ Top: Mango/ Shoes: Zara/ Coat: Zara/ Bag: Zara/ Shoes: Zara

You can find them :

Zara : HERE

Asos: HERE

Topshop: HERE

River island HERE

& Other Stories HERE


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