Fake it till you make it

We all know the struggle of choosing an outfit in the morning and since i started my internship, let’s just say it’s another kettle of fish. As if it’s not already hard enough to wake up early now, every morning i spend 15 minutes wondering if my outfit isn’t too casual or too fancy for work.

One day i read that you should dress for the job you want… well i don’t think pajamas can do the trick in finance ( Dah! i know watching Netflix in bed isn’t a job… yet :p )

So with the hot days of summer and no air conditioner in my office i decided to wear a black lace slip dress( i told you i’m raising hope for pajamas :D) with a jacquard waistcoat and a lace up shoes.

Ps: i choose this post title because it’s summarize my life lately.

DSC_0353DSC_0372DSC_0363DSC_0375Lace slip dress: 

NasyGal HERE

Selected HERE HERE

French connection HERE

Waistcoat :

Zara: HERE

Asos: HERE

Lace up shoes: 


Fréya: HERE


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