Gender Reveal Party

Hello Guys!

I’m so happy to finally announce you that i will be an aunt for the first time this summer(Congrats sis), and since i love planning parties i decided to throw a gender reveal party, it’s a party when everybody discover the sex of the baby together.

The concept is simple no one of us knew the sex before, we just gave the bakery the envelope that my sister received after her ultrasound, so if it’s a boy i asked them to fill the cake with a blue cream and of course if it’s a girl with a pink cream.

For the decoration, i tried to combine the two colors even if it was hard to find blue sweet treats.

IMG_1670IMG_1660If you’re curious to know the answer  it’s a :




7 Rue Liancourt, 75014 Paris
Baby biscuit: CHEZ BOGATO
Cupcakes: BERKO
23 Rue Rambuteau, 75004 Paris

44 rue des Martyrs 75009 Paris

Cakepops: DEBO GATO

83 Rue de Longchamp, 75016 Paris


Decorations: LES SOEURS GRENE 

1 Passage de l’Arche, Puteaux-La Défense



2 thoughts on “Gender Reveal Party

  1. I’m so happy for your sis CONGRATULATIONS both of you ! Really liked the concept hahah 😃 and the cake seems so delicious 😋 well done sassy 👏🏻


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