Even if it’s finally summer in Paris, i wish i could always wake up like i did a week ago, chilling in the backyard, riding bike between narrow streets, playing football on the beach and eating oysters (miam!)

There is a lot to do in Ile de Ré, like climbing the 257 steps of the lighthouse (phare des Baleines… good luck with that :p) or doing picnic during the sunset on the beach.

Although we rent a car and bikes, we walked a lot, and as a shoes addict i packed my two favorite pairs of sneakers, my superstar (classic!) and my new obsession, the latest limited collection of creepers by Puma & Rihanna combined with a total denim look.

DSC_0834DSC_0825 1DSC_0783DSC_0801DSC_0852DSC_0850DSC_0840DSC_0791DSC_0828DSC_0845

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