Floating in the dead sea is part of my bucket list but until then i decided to go floating in Torrevieja, a small city not far away from Alicante.

Who needs a blue lake when you can actually have a pink one, this place is like a barbie land, there are only few one’s in the world, the lake turns pink due to the high concentration of algae and the sun.

As the dead sea, you wouldn’t be able to swim but only to float (the kind of experience that you need to try once in your life).

The water is warm and it’s perfect  if you have some skin issues. However don’t be surprised if you still taste salty even after a good shower

Ps 1: don’t forget to apply some mud all over you body (it feels so nice) but most of all don’t forget to bring fresh water to remove the salt of your body.

Ps 2: avoid to go there if you just shaved or waxed (a friendly advice :p)


Where ? 

Parque natural de las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja

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