As a big fan of Sex and the City and Friends, i always wanted to visit New york with my first paychecks, which i did this summer. After three weeks in this city, all i can say is that New York is MAGIC, not in a Taylor Swift song way but magic in a way that makes you feel alive, walking on these streets is pure energy,  and feeling like you’re part of it is kinda amazing.

I was staying in Williamsburg, a cute neighborhood with hipster vibes, i think it’s the best location if you want to discover Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Despite the fact that we don’t have the same electrical plugs, there is a bunch of things that are so different from Europe and can be disturbing in the beginning:

  • The first floor in the US = the ground floor in Europe/Africa…
  • They have a weird system to run the water in the shower and not an easy one, come on America you can do better!
  • I still don’t know why it’s so freezing inside their buildings
  • When you pay in a restaurant,  waiters take your credit card and bring it back to you after awhile, already paid! don’t do this to us we are paranoid in Europe :D. Actually all the credit card payment system is hard to follow, are we swiping or are we inserting the chip card into the reader? make a choice guys because we look dumb AF when paying.

What i loved the most ?

  • People!, Americans are so different from Europeans, they are more friendly, easy going and handsome :p. I felt like we have a stick up in our as**
  •  The human/culture/religion diversity.
  •  The city is so beautiful i mean hey ” it’s NY baby” but really each neighborhood is  so different from the other which amazed me at every corner.
  •  I know that NY isn’t Santorini or Bali, but this city has the most beautiful pink sunsets i’ve ever seen.

However there are few things that i didn’t appreciate like :

  • The smell of food/BBQ everywhere and anytime, you know the kind of smell that makes you nauseous in the morning.
  • The heat of subway platforms, even if there is an air conditional inside all the trains, the subway platforms were hot AF (the temperature can exceed 100 degrees). By good luck you will bump into talented buskers that make you enjoy hell.
  • The waste of food and plastic, i’m not an ecologic person but while we’re paying our bags in grocery stores here in Europe, in the US they will give you like three bags for a tiny box.


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